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The General Knowledge Test

We provide guidance and resources to help you prepare for the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations.

Resources To Help You Pass The FTCE GKT

Passing scores on the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE), including the General Knowledge Test (GKT), are required by the state to qualify for a teaching certificate to teach in Florida schools. The GKT assesses the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective educator and consists of four subtests: an Essay, English Language Skills, Reading, and Mathematics.

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Free GKT Test Preparation Webinars

Florida Teachers offers periodic free webinars covering test preparation for the writing and math portions of the GKT. These webinars cover test structure, scoring, and tips from experienced teachers.


These webinars fill up quickly. If you are interested in attending one, please click the button below and let us know so we can contact you first for the opportunity to attend.

GKT Webinar

I have General Knowledge

Do I need to prepare?

Yes – because of a recent rule change in Florida, it has become crucial to prepare for the General Knowledge Test.  Prior to the change, you could pass with an overall total score on the test.  Now you have to get a passing grade on each section of the test. So if you are a strong writer but struggle in math, for example, you can no longer count on that great writing score to “average out” the math scores.


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It costs $130 to take the test and $150 for a retake fee – Florida Teachers strongly urges you to be well-prepared so you don’t pay hundreds of dollars in test fees and delay your progress towards becoming a teacher.

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Florida Teachers GKT Preparation

Comprehensive Preparation

The preparation we offer is just one part of the robust Florida Teachers program that will prepare you to become a teacher in Florida. The GKT preparation is a comprehensive review of all concepts covered on the test. Practice test questions and essay practice are an essential part of the review.

Practice Test Questions

The practice test questions provide feedback on each response and a brief explanation to help teachers understand what they might have missed. This is critical – you have to know the concept behind the correct choice in order to be ready for test day.

Practice Essays

Two practice essays are also included in the review. Considering the essay has one of the lowest pass rates, it is absolutely critical to practice the essay and know how it is scored in order to improve your writing. The essay practice includes a rubric explaining how to improve an essay to a passing score.

About The

General Knowledge Test

Computer Based Test


    • Essay subtest – 1 Essay – 50 minutes


    • ELS Subtest – approximately 40 multiple choice questions – 40 minutes


    • Reading Subtest – approximately 40 multiple choice questions – 55 minutes


    • Mathematics subtest – approximately 45 multiple choice questions – 1 hour and 40 minutes


    • You get a 15 minute break during your testing (note the break policy)


Passing Scores


    • Essay – 8 out of 12 points


    • ELS, Reading and Mathematics – a scaled score of 200 or better per section




    • You get an unofficial score report as soon as you complete the testing on all but the essay. Score reports for the complete test will take approximately 6 weeks!


Testing Fees & Dates


    • Testing by appointment year round


    • Consult the Florida website for more information on testing times and locations


    • $130 for the first attempt


    • $150 for retakes


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